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Jungle Bungler is a 2-4 player competitive tabletop game.  

Explore through the ever changing board. Get a key by any means necessary. Make your grand escape.

Jungle Bungler was created for Sheridan College's Design Week, Spring 2019, a four day game jam with the theme "Tabletop Demake".

Created by:
- Rowan Allcorn
- Joshi Zhang
- Diane "Iya" Downey
- Blake Koestier


JungleBungler.pdf 634 kB
Cards1-Front.png 192 kB
Cards1-Back.png 146 kB
Cards2-Front.png 226 kB
Cards2-Back.png 235 kB
Players.png 882 kB

Install instructions

On regular paper:

Print the JungleBungler.pdf double sided and fold brochure style.

On heavy paper or cardstock:

Print Cards1-Front.png and Cards1-Back.png on either side of the same page. 
Print this page 4 times.

Print Cards2-Front.png and Cards2-Back.png on either side of the same page. 
Print this page once.

Print the players sheet once.
Fold the sheet in half so that the players are aligned with their reversed sides. Glue the sheet this way.
Cut along the dotted lines. The pieces below the feet can be used as stands to hold the pieces upright.


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Hi! This game looks like a lot of fun, and I'd like to print it off and play it, but there doesn't seem to be a file for the player sheet?

Hi! Sorry for the delayed response, I've reuploaded the players sheet :